When life's trails get tough, we have affordable options to make sure your finances are protected.

Debt Protection

Your family means everything to you. And if the unexpected happens, you don’t want an emotionally trying situation to be compounded by financial worry. That’s why there’s Debt Protection, which may cancel your loan balance or payments in case of:

  • Involuntary unemployment
  • Disability
  • Death

Life Plus

For additional protections, Life Plus can extend your Debt Protection to address a wide range of circumstances, giving you the reassurance of knowing you’ve taken steps to help secure your finances.

  • Accidental dismemberment
  • Terminal illness
  • Hospitalization or family medical leave
  • Death of a non-protected dependent

Take an important step toward financial security and ask us about Debt Protection with Life Plus.

Extended Warranties

You depend on your vehicle for so many things. What would you do if it broke down and needed serious repairs that were not covered under a warranty?

A typical factory warranty only provides coverage for 3 years/36,000 miles. Since most major repairs occur after the manufacturer's warranty expires, you could save yourself hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars with Mechanical Breakdown Insurance (MBI) from Blaze. MBI is an extended warranty that activates after your manufacturer's warranty expires.

Most borrowers are keeping their vehicle longer and repair costs keep rising. With MBI, you'll appreciate the additional security of knowing your vehicle is covered for mechanical repairs relating to the engine, transmission, suspension and electrical components, as well as wear and tear.

Guaranteed Asset Protection

What would happen if you bought a new vehicle this year and totaled it next year? You would probably end up having to pay — maybe even thousands of dollars — for the difference between your loan balance and the replacement value of the automobile.

We can help: our Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) Advantage coverage will cover the "gap" between what is owed on your auto loan and what your insurance company will pay. For just a few dollars per month, you can protect yourself against this kind of unexpected expense.

Payment Deferral

What's your rainy day plan? Life is unpredictable and rainy days happen to everyone. Sometimes you need to stretch your budget for unforeseen reasons such as a job loss, medical expenses or emergencies.

To help prevent the rainy days from drowning you, you have the assurance of your umbrella. At Blaze, you have the assurance of our Payment Deferral Program. 

Payment Deferral can be added to your qualifying loan and allows you to:

  • Defer a monthly payment up to three times
  • Defer the payments for any reason
  • Defer one month at a time or use all three at once

Put your mind at ease and add Payment Deferral to your Blaze loan(s).