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Welcome to Blaze Credit Union

Life’s trails can be tough. It’s natural to sometimes feel a little lost—we get it.

We’ve been down this path before, guiding people like you since 1931. Toward your dreams. Toward your goals.

We’re driven by Midwestern values. Community. Integrity. Plain old hard work. Caring about you, your wishes, and your well-being – that’s just who we are.

We’re here to help you along your road of life – encouraging you to go for it.

We’re all on our own journey and we want to be a part of yours.

Let’s blaze your trail together.

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With You on the Road of Life

The ‘B’ in our logo is carved to show a blazed trail to a destination. Our color palette is full of coppers, golds, and greens - colors of money and regional scenery like raw iron ore, warm sunsets, and the mighty pine tree.
And even if you’re more of an indoors-person who prefers comfy slippers and sheltered skyways to hiking boots and daunting switchbacks, you’re still traveling along a trail of your own.

Our Roots

Nearly 93 years ago, as the Great Depression was at its height, a small group of employees from the Minnesota Highway Department got together to support each other’s financial goals, conducting business out of a small metal cash box. This cooperative became Hiway Credit Union.
Just a few years later in 1934, and not far away, Edgar Archer, an employee of Midland Cooperative Oil Association, sought a loan to pay his debts. After being repeatedly turned down, he talked to six of his coworkers and decided, Why not start a credit union?  Twin City Co-ops Credit Union was born and later became SPIRE Credit Union in 2008.
As both credit unions continued to grow and thrive, they joined forces in 2024 to become Blaze Credit Union. Today, Blaze boasts 27 branch locations, over 250,000 members and is Minnesota's fourth-largest credit union.

photo of the Blaze trucks, Dot & Archie

Archie & Dot

Archie, the 1952 Ford pickup truck named for SPIRE's original founder Edgar Archer, symbolizes the Midwestern values that drive us: trust, honesty, integrity, hard work, and equality.

Archie is most known for appearing with Blaze CEO Dan Stoltz in our testimonial commercials with real Blaze members and partners. Archie also appears in parades, car shows, and community events throughout the upper Midwest.

Dot, a late model Ford F150, pays homage to Hiway’s Department of Transportation origins. You can find Dot at community events throughout Minnesota.