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Enjoy no origination or pre-payment fees. From application to loan funding, the process is quick and easy.

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Conquer Your Debt

With rates often lower than most credit cards, you can consolidate your debt into one loan and pay it off faster.

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Upgrade Your Space

Get money to refresh a room, update your work-from-home space, or remodel your house.

No equity or closing costs needed. We offer loans up to $50,000 with up to a six-year loan term.

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Quick & Easy Financing

Apply online in just minutes with no origination fees.

You can also meet with a Blaze representative to discuss your options and apply on the spot.

Additional Loan Options

Personal Line of Credit

With a revolving line of credit, you borrow up to your pre-approved limit by advancing it only as you need the money. Your line of credit can be set up as overdraft protection on any Blaze checking account.

Share/Certificate Secured Loan

Using your savings or a certificate as collateral, this is a great way to help you build credit while enjoying a low interest rate.


Personal Installment LoansRates Effective: 1/1/2024

Rate Type
APR* Monthly Term
Installment Loans (Less than $10,000) As low as 10.75 (36 month) Terms available up to 60 months $32.66
Installment Loans ($10,000 and Greater) As low as 10.75 (36 months) Terms available up to 72 months $32.66
Home Improvement Installment Loan ($10,000 and Greater) *Ask for Details As low as 8.75 Up to 120 months $15.24

Line of CreditRates Effective: 1/1/2024

Rate Type
APR* Monthly Term
Line of Credit 18.00 N/A

Share SecuredRates Effective: 11/2/2020

Rate Type
APR* Monthly Term
Share Secured Loans 3.00% over highest Dividend Share Savings or Certificate Rate Less than $2,000 up to 48 months or not to exceed the Certificate maturity date. $2,000 and greater up to 120 months or not to exceed the Certificate maturity date.

Other Secured LoansRates Effective: 3/21/2024

Rate Type
APR* Monthly Term
Other Secured Loans (Utility Trailers, Classic Cars, Lawn/Farm Equipment) 11.25 Up to 60 months

*Annual Percentage Rate.
Minimum repayment period of 181 days for personal installment loans.
Rates and terms are subject to qualification. Other restrictions may apply. Interest rates subject to change at any time.

Monthly payments based on $1,000 borrowed.
Personal Loan Payment Example: Assuming a $5,000 personal loan for 36 months at 10.75% APR, the monthly payment will be $163.21.

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