Whether you're across town or across an ocean, you can get cash or make deposits easily using our network of ATMs.

Free vs. Surcharge Free

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Free ATMs

Blaze members enjoy free ATM transactions at all Blaze branch locations plus 55,000 ATMs at convenient places internationally — just look for the AllPoint logo.

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Surcharge-Free ATMs

CO-OP connected credit unions offer a worldwide network of Surcharge-free ATMs. Owners of these ATMs do not charge a transaction fee, however, Blaze may charge a fee.

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Types of ATM Fees


Fee imposed by an ATM owner at the time of the transaction.

Bank ATM Fee

Often referred to as an "out-of-network fee," this is a fee imposed by a financial institution, such as Blaze, that appears on your statement.

ATM Fee Waiver

Blaze waives up to two ATM fees per month from non-proprietary ATMs for members who hold one of the following:

  • Road of Life Money Market
  • Money Market
  • Dividend Checking
  • 55 Plus Checking

ATM Fee Rebate Program

Blaze offers a rebate program for ATM Fees. This program is designed to reward members for doing more business with Blaze. The amount of your rebate is dependent upon your aggregate average daily balance, which is calculated from the last statement date. The fee rebate breakdown is as follows: Aggregate Average Daily Balance1 ATM Fee Rebate2 Up To: $20,000 and greater $5.

1Aggregate average daily balance includes all savings and loan balances that are listed under the same account that the ATM card is attached to
2You cannot receive a rebate for more than your actual posted ATM fees

Other Ways to Get Cash Without a Fee

Point of Purchase (POS)

When completing a purchase at a retailer with your Blaze debit card, a Cash Back option is available on the card reader.

Shared Branching Network Withdrawal

Blaze members can make withdrawals at other CO-OP connected credit unions. Withdrawals must be completed at a teller window, not at a CO-OP ATM, to avoid fees.

Interactive Teller Machines (ITMs)

ITMs function like ATMs — but better, and with the option of a live video teller to assist you during business hours. You can enjoy the ease of self-service banking, along with personal help if you’d like it. Some ITM services include:

  • Business & personal deposits (checks and/or cash)
  • Cash withdrawals (1s, 5s, 20s & 100s)
  • Transfers between accounts
  • Loan or mortgage payments
  • Balance inquiries
  • Credit card cash advances (requires a PIN)

The Blaze Roseville North and Blaze Woodbury West locations feature ITMs in their lobbies and in their drive-ups. Our Blaze St. Paul branch already has one in our lobby.