Financial Wellness Articles

Man looking at scam text message
Watch Out for Phon(e)y Messages

Learn about methods scammers use to try and take advantage of our reliance on cellphones to get our personal information.

Person imagining a kitchen remodel
Put Your House to Work

Home equity provides homeowners a ready financing source to turn their house into their dream home.

Finger puppets arguing over money
Reconciling a Spender-Saver Marriage

In any marriage, even one where both partners have similar money management styles, family finances can occasionally create conflict.

Cartoon of a girl and a UFO
5 Common Cryptocurrency Scams

Explore five common cryptocurrency scams that you should be aware of and protect yourself and your investments.

Person looking at a scam text
Avoid Phishing Scams

Learn ways protect yourself from scammers trying to access your credit union account with phishing scams.

Person entering property into their will.
Property Ownership and Your Will

When creating your will and assigning beneficiaries on your accounts, the form of property ownership can have an unforeseen impact on the inheritance process.

Family on the beach in the sunset
Vacation Means Re-Creation

There are many reasons why you might skip taking a vacation, but the benefits of a little time off often outweigh the drawbacks.

Woman with a questioning look holding a jar of money
9 Common Money Myths

See how many of these common money myths you believe.

Parent handing their child some money for saving
Teach Your Kids Good Money Beliefs

Make sure you pass on positive money beliefs to the next generation.

Homeowner installing new flooring
Home Improvement Projects: DIY or Pro

If you have a home improvement project, should you do it yourself (DIY) or hire a pro?

Different rate credit cards being consolidated into one low rate credit card
The Case for Debt Consolidation

Consolidating your credit card bills into a single loan can be a wise financial move.